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Leading edge Asset Tracking and Data Capture Solutions. Powerful, Fit for purpose solutions to deliver long-term measurable business value.

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Fit for purpose solutions. Real time asset information to help your business respond quickly and operate efficiently.

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Quality at the Core

Active and Passive RFID solutions

Robust industrial applications, all weather, rough service, hardware integration for harsh environments.

Leading edge proprietary software platform

Custom business logic. Swift, reliable fit for user functionality! Secured information sharing with individually configured dashboard or reports.

Interactive information on the go

Share information resources anytime! Secured cloud-based data housing and web services for desktop administration and mobile device users.

Don’t ask what your business will look like in 5 years… Design it!

  • “… accuracy of inventory control is paramount in our day to day operations for us and our customers. … Prairie Mud service is motivated and will continue to support TAGR Systems in any way possible to achieve their goal of implementing this technology to our industry.”

    Chuck Hains - VP Sales and Operations - Prairie Mud Services

  • “ … Every year-end, the organization struggles with its inventory numbers due to human errors at the warehouse level. … the implementation of RFID technology for asset tracking would provide significant improvement to the entire drilling fluids industry.”

    George Wadsworth - President - Marquis Alliance Energy Group Inc.

“Reliable inventory counts allow us to budget accurately and forecast projection models with greater certainty.” RFID tracking provides us new commercial opportunities. It allows us to improve our process while monitoring and measuring results of our new initiatives.

“Automated inventory counts and shipping validation has allowed us to use our labor recourses far more efficiently. Our people can focus on running operations now.”

“Quarterly reconciliation was way out … mostly due to data entry errors or lost inventory. Time stamped data capture of our assets saves valuable time chasing down needless mistakes that add up to expensive losses.”


Radio Frequency Identification provides an opportunity to significantly improve gross margins through leveraging of real-time, accurate, inventory information. Inventory tracking can be extremely laborious, particularly for companies with stock keeping unit (SKU) intensive models. Organizations stand to profit considerably by employing RFID to reduce labor and minimize costly errors.


RFID has the potential to revolutionize your inventory management. New opportunities are available through the benefits of automated data capture. RFID provides reliable, accurate, current information to help reduce operating costs and improve process efficiency. Proactive organizations, who have already adopted the technology, have strategically positioned themselves for an attractive long-term return on investment and market advantage.

Upgrade to Real Time Inventory

Eliminate Manual Inventory Counts

Optimize labor resources. Reduced routine tasks tracking items and minimize operational delays.

Minimize Inventory Discrepancies

Ensure customer satisfaction with accurate efficient, pick orders. Employ time-stamped validation for shipping and receiving.

Automated Alert Notifications

shipment errors, low stock/over stock, stale dating, missing, tamper, temperature monitoring, counterfeit detection.

Accurate Accounting Reconciliation

Audit Compliance enabled by live, automated record capture of individual asset movements and current location mapping.

Minimize Invoicing Cycle Times

Reduce your carrying costs. Enjoy a quick turnaround from service to payment.

Accurate Data Capture for Business Analytics

Historical data collection for improved go forward business planning and intelligence.

Create a flexible, adaptive supply chain

RFID for asset management is all about accurate data capture and timely reporting. Essential information that allows business to make better decisions for strategic forward planning.


TAGR Alliances

TAGR is partnered with some of the world’s leading RFID hardware design and manufacturing firms, tag manufactures, and industry publications. We have been recognized by the National Science and Research Council of Canada, and The Western Economic Diversification Innovation Fund. We are a top tier industry partner and advisor to SAIT’s Research and Applied development laboratory.


The RFID Revolution

RFID has revolutionized asset management by eliminating errors and drastically reducing labor costs through accurate automation. RFID does not require a direct line of sight; instead it employs the transfer of information via high frequency radio. The wide spread adoption of new technologies and data capture mechanisms such as RFID, are allowing companies to realize previously unachievable productivity goals and apply modern business analytics.


Tracking Solutions

TAGR tracking solutions are built for real time inventory cycle tracking. Your companies specific business logic and user interface is designed overtop of TAGR’s proprietary software platform. Users are able to monitor and manage activity via the Internet. Live information platform is available to users by desktop or mobile devices and allows for quick decision making and effective product lifecycle management.